Landmark Recovery is a family ran treatment center located in Louisville, Kentucky striving to be a large corporation and vision to grow across the United States. Their mission is to help 1 million families over the next 100 years through addiction treatment and mental health. 


Being heavily reliant on referrals from Business Development Managers who generated 90% of their business but only kept the occupancy rates at 30%, Landmark sought to change.

Landmark was spending over $20,000 on an outsourced marketing agency running PPC, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Creation. Their building was about 10% full and was days away from closing the doors to a business unit they were hoping would save thousands of lives from such a critical disease. 

In 2017 Landmark Recovery reported an average of 254 monthly sessions to the website with 20% of their traffic stemming from terms such as “Kentucky Landmarks.”

The Solution 

With return on investment suffering and relatively low search traffic, Landmark Recovery made a decision to invest in local and national search engine optimization, and content creation. With small tweaks in on-page optimization and link building, they were able to see a 626% increase in sessions YOY and an average monthly sessions increase of 254 to 1,845 monthly sessions. They are now opening 5 locations in the next 6 months of 2019-2020.