Search Engine optimization in orange county is different than many other places. You see, there are surrounding areas if you’re a local business with a variety of different income levels, demographics, and backgrounds. Being that local business requires local SEO. It allows businesses to target end-users through Google. However, we understand most users want national SEO. Companies who sell e-commerce, but want to meet in person or have the ability to meet someone down the street in Newport or Irvine.

About Orange County

We put this section in for the company that is thinking about moving to Orange County. The OC, as they call it, is miles away from LA county, depending on what part you are located. Being known for its beautiful Disneyland resort, it also has surf cities like Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Newport, but do NOT forget about the beautiful, Crystal Cove. From a business perspective, Orange County has multiple fortune 500 companies. Check out more resources in Orange County.

Orange County SEO Market

The Orange County SEO market is highly competitive. In particular, one wide open area is ranking on Google Map-Packs. Let’s say you take out your phone and your Google search engine optimization near me a map-pack or panel pops up, you can either click to visit the site or request directions. In some cases, you can call.

The other untapped potential is the content because nobody creates content locally. Think about the product/service offering and produce videos at the least, you can even post those videos on social media. SEO is more than one service; think of it as a multi-media marketing approach that ties your entire digital marketing strategy together.

SEO Services

We live by reporting. Examing SEO as a whole, we completely understand the importance of reporting. Hence, we mention saying first and foremost out of any tactic. Our core values suggest we only make decisions that are driven by data. We utilize Google Data Studio reporting integrating Google Search Console, Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMRUSH. Instead of being sent 5 SEO reports, we condense into a single dashboard for your business; we pride our selves on having Maserati style service reporting.

Technical SEO ensures your website has a strong foundation that can handle the growth of search engines generating traffic. It includes the sitemap of a website that is properly optimized for Google spiders to crawl easily. We understand to grow digital marketing tactics, a foundation must be in place for your business.

Metadata tells search engines how to crawl websites. Too many times, we see the best website design, but they have ZERO meta descriptions. If they have no meta descriptions, search engines have a difficult time crawling the webpage.

On-page optimizations help Google rank your website for the proper crucial terms. Yes, having a great site, decent content, and a strong foundation will get you to rank. However, having your pages optimized allows you to surpass the competition.

Content creation shows the website is a trusted source although you might not think you have to write content, you do! We offer great rates for your website.

Local SEO Company

Not only does Jackson Digital excel at ranking businesses nationally, but locally your business will change. We use an approach targeting citation campaigns to obtain NAP or Name, Address and Phone Numbers across hundreds of website listings. A couple of tactics go into Googles algorithm:

On-page SEO – It refers to optimizing webpage copy to correlate with what people search. SEOs will insert key tags inside of metadata so search engines can crawl websites easily. However, this is where many SEO companies stop. We understand if you’re looking for local SEO in orange county, the best results will be delivered that is why we go into so much more.

Google Map-Pack Ranking

Citation Campaigns

Think of this as an art. There are many different versions of citation campaigns for local SEO. Today we are going to talk about structured citations, unstructured citations, and co-occurring keywords. If you go to Yelp and have the name, address, and phone number of your business, that is a citation. Now think of doing that at scale for local SEO.

An unstructured example could be a social media page. They might have found your business name, but the NAP is not together. A non-linked citation is a prime example of what a co-occurrence citation is.

Link Building

As you already know it, link building is one of the top ways. Working with us rather than any other SEO Orange County California companies, you’ll notice we have great opportunities and amazing networks for you to utilize.

What it is Like to Work with Our Company

In order to make data-driven decisions, you must have the reporting and process in place. Search engine optimization is all about the process although not every website is the same, reporting is most important.

The Learning Phase

It lasts about one to two weeks depending on the website. We ask questions like, has someone done search engine optimization or any sort of media marketing. After asking questions we produced a series of audit, technical, website quality, and formulate a project plan. Being an SEO company focusing on the Orange County market it’s important to ensure the site has the proper foundation for growth. We will then produce a presentation and walk you through our project plan.

Keyword Research

No market is the same. If you are a business in the OC, it will be different than a company in LA or San Fransisco. It’s important to imply the proper keywords and digital marketing strategy to surpass the competition. We use a grouping and supporting keyword research approach to ensure no cannibalization occurs on pages, and we target and label keywords from the awareness to purchasing phases of the buyer’s journey.

Creating Content

If you are creating content with us, ask about our special rates. If you bundle SEO, you will be updated and given access to a Google sheet, your business can track live updates on what is being published.


We told you reporting is the most important. Live reporting for internet marketing companies will blow you away. If you are in the search for Orange County SEO companies, make sure they emphasize in reporting.

Monthly Data Studio Reporting

Every month there is an over of website sessions. If it’s an e-commerce or a lead generation business, we like to compare both month-over-month and year-over-year data to track seasonality and fluctuations in traffic. Track this data live or get as granular as you would like with the numbers. While services are very important, reporting takes all and is above all.

Daily Activity

Find out what projects are pending and what we are working on. We share a tracker so you can obtain LIVE updates when tasks get done, understand what we are doing with tactics, implementation, and reporting.

Bi-Weekly Quality Audits

Ensure the quality of your website improves. It is great to make updates and changes to the site. However, if the quality doesn’t improve then what is the point of making an investment in search engine optimization? Specifically, hiring an Orange County SEO company where it is a highly competitive market. If companies are not giving you this data, ask us and we will do it for you.

Monthly Competitive Analysis

From a SEO perspective, how do you rank in comparison to other businesses in Orange County? Every month we produce a robust competitive analysis that measures all of our services to what competitors are doing.

Jackson Digital of Orange County

In 2015, we were all in-house. We started working for one of the largest domain suppliers in the world, GoDaddy. Shortly after working at GoDaddy, three like-minded individuals formed Jackson Digital. We have all worked at companies managing agencies before. We have an excellent understanding of some agencies not communicating for days and even weeks and we have had agencies cheat our old businesses out of money. At Jackson Digital we separate our selves from agencies, communication is one of the most important aspects and we understand exactly what it is like to be in our client’s shoes.

We, at Jackson Digital, have a unique approach to SEO; we focus on data-driven tactics, reporting, and procedures to surpass competitors in the local market. As an OC native, we understand the competitiveness your business faces on a daily basis. We strive to provide the best services through communication, transparency, and integrity. We do not shy away from the tough conversations, yet we will not take any client that is put in front of us. If there is room to grow your business, an open mind to try new things, and the proper budget you will fit. But do not be mistaken, not having the proper budget does not mean you cannot work with us. I would recommend giving us a call today, and book a free consultation.

Free SEO Audit

If you are a local business, we are offering a free audit and FREE one-hour consultation. Typically this holds $700 of value. We will walk you through a step by step process on how to grow your business from the ground up and we will talk to you about the challenges and hardships your business could face in the local market. We will address any technical issues that hold the site back from growing.

Other Areas We Serve

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