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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Link Building

Link building is one of the toughest elements of SEO to get on-point.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous providers out there promising to hand you the keys to the kingdom with their link-building strategy. The problem is, these paid link building services seldom actually work.

Here at Jackson Digital, we take a much more organic approach to crafting diverse backlink portfolios for your web properties. We recently managed to boost web traffic for one client site by 103% in the middle of a global pandemic. Check out a brief case study right here.

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The Importance of the Quality of Backlinks

When you drive more traffic to your site, you increase sales.

The snag is, there are over 200 factors to consider when winning favor with Google.

Any reputable search engine optimization professional will tell you that one of the biggest and most important part of search engine optimization is backlinks.

Indeed, backlinks have more influence over rankings than any other single factor.

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Link Building Tutorial 2020: What The Experts Don’t Tell You!

Just prepare to put in hard work, sweat, and an entire jar of elbow grease when going through this link building tutorial. You will learn how to outrank at the outrank the largest companies.

These link building strategies and tactics have beaten out companies who have marketing teams larger than Jackson Digital.

A couple of companies these tactics have beaten out: Ruby Receptionist, Home Depot, CNET, PCMAG, BestBuy, Amazon, Hunter Douglas, Tech Crunch, Forbes, and many more in a variety of different industries.

Just check out this link building case study here.

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SEO for Startups

There is close to no level of excitement of a fresh rounding of funding to grow your business. You probably have multiple consultants and agencies dangling their bates directly in front of your face praying for you to bite. Today, this piece attributes five quick growth hacks in the realm of SEO for startups. We wil discuss areas I am currently testing to boost organic search results, certain topics, I have tested. Real-life results; No Bullshit!

An essential dime always left on the ground is the foundation of a website. I could give two shits about what platform it is built-in. But before we get into it, let’s discuss a startup with a new domain. 

Today, the first thing we will talk about is starting with a brand new domain. I know a lot of you have 500 people coming to your site monthly and think you are all badass lol.