Growth Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization is taking advantage of absolutely FREE traffic from search engines to ensure your business outranks competitors.

Local SEO is taking advantage of Google maps and map-packs to obtain free traffic from local search engines like Google, Yelp, Bing, and other search engines.

Growth marketing is the practice of pulling levers such as SEO, Facebook, Google, and other channels to obtain revenue. Growth does not fit every business.

Growth and SEO 

Growth Marketing is the process of testing multiple channels, conducting tests and experiments to optimize and increase return on investment and lower the cost to acquire a customer. Some trends utilize search engine optimization, paid and organic social media, affiliate marketing, search engine advertising, and more. 

Growth marketing can work for any sort of business. Whether you are a brand new tech company or a local business hoping to expand your business. Determine which channels will generate you the most customers at the cheapest cost. 

Our Approach

Sessions – Are the sessions high-quality? Do the keywords have the buyers’ intent? If we strive to improve quality sessions to the website, conversion rates, ad traffic, and revenue will increase.

Conversion Rate – Improving behavioral signals such as bounce rate, time on site, and pages per session will increase conversion rate. We utilize the latest and most excellent strategies. Think about spending $10,000 on Facebook ads per month, or spending $2,000 on improving conversion rates. The short answer is we have to test both!

Lifetime Value – In a given year, how many times does someone purchase? What is the amount? We can use Facebook Ads, promotions, and email marketing to increase the rate of new customers repurchasing.

A little more about me

I got into marketing for one reason, and one reason only, transparency. Too often I go into companies where agencies hide their results and activity. They hide behind a curtain of late communication and scattered reporting. At Jackson Digital, we exist to provide the utmost growth measures while staying true to our core values: transparency, communication, and resilience.

On the weekends, you can catch me on the golf course, on a walk with dog and Fiance, or working.

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