Summary is a trusted advisor in home automation technology and ioT. Their vision is to strive that every individual in the world owns a smart home product. 

Problem is heavily reliant on email marketing. They do not run any sort of net new customer campaigns and their sole focus is on a term that is beginning to become irrelevant. 

Due to being Irrelevant, was at a downslope in mid-2019. The domain was decreasing in organic traffic YoY at a rapid rate of -46% MoM. In just 6 short months smart home saw a 48% increase in organic sessions to the website MoM.

The Solution 

With thousands of site errors, the strategy was to begin to shift from terms like remote to smart. A great example is remote control lighting versus smart lighting. Nobody searches remote control lighting. After creating this approach and obtaining many sessions pages were segmented into product groups with three different portions of the funnel: 

Top – people who are searching: What is Smart Lighting 

Middle – Smart Lighting Products

Bottom – Specific products within a category “Lutron Light Switch”

Remarketing tags were placed into category groups users would see ads across Google, Facebook, & Instagram. 

The simple remarketing strategy gave a 400% increase in revenue and generated over 800 net new customers per month surpassing previous numbers.